G Pulla Reddy Sweets

Restoring the brand equity of a legendary sweet and savouries brand


The brand, G Pulla Reddy, has been holding the place of a staunch favourite in households, especially during festivals, celebrations, weddings and occasion that warrant the presence of pure ghee sweets, savouries and snacks.


Despite a legacy of 60 years, G Pulla Reddy Sweets started to lose brand equity, first by losing its foothold, thanks to contemporary brands making inroads into the territory. Clearly, the legend was losing out its competitive edge and share of voice in a market it ruled for decades. This was attributed to the lack of contemporariness in the brand’s offerings. Also, a lack of alignment in the thinking process of the management, employees and the consumer was identified.


After thorough analysis that included surveys, employee interaction and one-to-one interactions with consumers, we started by revamping the most immediate touchpoint: the packaging. It was completely revamped with a more contemporary look while retaining the classical-ness of the brand. From recreating the logo to training customer-facing staff, we overhauled the entire look and feel of the brand.


G Pulla Reddy is gradually regaining its share of voice and loyalty in a market that’s typically crowded by next-door sweet stores.