Core Team

Pradeep Ch

Founder & Director

Either it takes a lot convincing to do or gets extremely easy to have a go-ahead. It is that simple. It is his creative cult. For him, everything lies in the simplicity of ideas, ideas that give way to something exceptional. A creative genius at thoughts and an entrepreneurial zest at will, his experience of over 15 years in marketing, branding and creative fields help businesses rise above expectations to impact growth that differentiates.

Raju Kandakatla


If an idea is debatable, then it can be worth exploring. So is his stern belief. And it is what gets translated into his thought leadership, besides setting direction to each mandate. An IIM Kozhikode graduate, Raju Kandakatla has had a great journey in the past 20 years working with national agencies like Rediffusion, Percept and Clear Channel at various levels. He handled regional and national portfolios and launched many brands in this part of the country. He heads the Brand Strategy, Business Development and Customer Service at White Thoughts. Prior to this, Raju was associated with prestigious brands like Videocon Mumbai Indians and many more.

Srividya Pinapala


Her lively presence, jovial attitude and the quest for answers is a great source of motivation to start the day. Being an MBA graduate with a specialization in Finance, having 15 years of experience in Finance & IT sectors and good exposure in digital marketing, she heads the Digital vertical at White Thoughts. A true nature lover, she believes in approaching work with a calm attitude. She brings passion and dedication to the table with every task she undertakes and strongly believes in teamwork and motivating her colleagues to strive and achieve their goals.

Srinivas Koppula

Creative Head, Branding & Design

‘Branding and Design Encyclopedia’ could easily be his pseudonym! He’s a Branding and Design extraordinaire with great breadth of knowledge on Typography and History of Art too. He’s the one to approach if you wish to gain Wikipedia worth’s knowledge on anything related to Design, Branding, Typography and even Hollywood films! Personified by his cold demeanor and ‘go easy’ attitude, he’s a lovable human and deep thinker at heart.


Creative Controller

‘The most lovable’ of individuals at the agency, he’s a unique package of extraordinary ‘creative execution’, ‘resource management’ and ‘team management’ skills. One of the foremost employees at the agency, he has helped in giving a spellbinding shape and form to many creatives / ideas cranked out of the agency.

Charan Tej

Client Servicing

An embodiment of a ‘great drive for marketing’ together with loads of sense of humor, patience and clarity at work, Charan makes a ‘great buddy’ at work anytime. His rather uncanny knack of persuasion and task execution skills are mind-boggling at times. He’s always on the front foot to learn and adapt. Working at White Thoughts & Branding since its inception, Charan stands out to be one of the most valuable client servicing / account handling resource at the agency.

Joseph Praveen


There is beauty in unconventional, thoughts, expressions as well as words. It is what he feels how a creative direction should be. It is not that he alone feels, but reflects too. He smiles when he is supposed to answer, answers when he is supposed to be silent. So unconventional right? He brings to the table a whole lot of meaning through simple words and simpler ideas. A sound 10 years of experience and good exposure to national brands makes his creative contributions a lot more value additions to our clients and their brands.