Pradeep Ch – Founder

An ideal blend of a passionate Creative / Salesman / Entrepreneur, Pradeep is the ‘Coolest Boss’ you could ever dream of! His curiosity to learn and humility to listen are inspiring. He is personified by his positivity towards life and never diminishing energy levels. Come what may, he’s the guy who’ll always be ready to take the pressure and ‘lead from the front’ – a true leader in practice not by title.

His 15 plus years of experience both in Marketing and Advertising / Branding reflects in his clarity of thought and inspiring briefs. Listening to him briefing is sure to break the ‘worst of creative blocks’.

Raju Kandakatla – Director

An IIM graduate, Raju is an astute businessman with a keen eye for strategy and creativity. His pleasing disposition and approachable attitude puts anyone at ease. With a solid 15 plus years of experience in Marketing / Corporate Communications, Advertising and Branding; Raju stands as a valuable mentor both to the ‘Client Servicing’ and the ‘Creative’ departments. He loves ‘Spirituality’ and in helping anyone when it’s most needed.

Srinivas Koppula – Creative Head (Branding & Design)

‘Branding and Design Encyclopedia’ could easily be his pseudonym! He’s a Branding and Design extraordinaire with great breadth of knowledge on Typography and History of Art too. He’s the one to approach if you wish to gain Wikipedia worth’s knowledge on anything related to Design, Branding, Typography and even Hollywood films! Personified by his cold demeanor and ‘go easy’ attitude, he’s a lovable human and deep thinker at heart.

Chandrakanth – Creative Controller

‘The most lovable’ of individuals at the agency, he’s a unique package of extraordinary ‘creative execution’, ‘resource management’ and ‘team management’ skills. One of the foremost employees at the agency, he has helped in giving a spellbinding shape and form to many creatives / ideas cranked out of the agency.

Charan Tej – Client Servicing

An embodiment of a ‘great drive for marketing’ together with loads of sense of humor and clarity at work, Charan makes a ‘great buddy’ at work anytime. His rather uncanny knack of persuasion and task execution skills are mind-boggling at times. He’s always on the front foot to learn and adapt. Working at White Thoughts & Branding since its inception, Charan stands out to be one of the most valuable client servicing / account handling resource at the agency.