Promoting the true picture of Amaravati by reflecting the actual progress of the work done and the on-going construction status at the project site.


The foundation for the People Capital Amaravati was laid at Uddandarayunipalem in the year 2015, in the presence of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi; the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. Chandrababu Naidu and many other notable dignitaries from Japan and Singapore. The new Sunrise Capital City aspired to be a destination of opportunities, a city of the future with cutting-edge infrastructure and immense prosperity. Using the transparent ‘land pooling scheme,’ the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) has acquired over 30,000 acres of land on the southern banks of the river Krishna.


A cloud of uncertainties loomed over the project Amaravati. Many had this notion that even after three years of initiation, Amaravati still remained largely isolated with only scarce evidence of half-finished settlements and no proper road network. This perception had to change and the real-life scenario based on the available factual information had to be brought into light.


It was the most stringent approach of film-making that we followed as a team. As we had to address certain mindsets and make the narratives credible to a set of audience, we were certain about the kind of interactive communication that was required out of each film.

Before we moved ahead with the storyboarding process, we did a thorough research on the actual scenarios of Amaravati. We dug up details on the overall progress and the settings and collaborations on which Amaravati’s foundations rested upon. Before we started filming the project, we interacted with the local farmers, who gave us inputs for our narratives. Further, exchangeswith the urban infrastructure engineers, planners, contractors, large real estate developers, government officials and other important stakeholders, expanded our knowledge base and broadened our vision. We got to know about the number of students pursuing the higher education in universities and the interim government complex that stood there as a testament to ‘not so far from reality’- Sunrise Capital City.

The story weaving is done in a way to engage the curiosity of the viewers till the end of each video. The interactive-ness in each piece is there to enhance the acceptability factor. This was further supported by an appropriate and customized background score and VFX, carefully chosen to harmonize the magnanimous appeal of the venture.

Though the weather conditions were unfavorable at the construction site, we braved the harsh winds and canned the shoot in a best possible manner. It was our zeal to excel and the passion for our work that kept us striding ahead.


The films had positive ripple effect on people’s minds. They served as real evidences, helping in transforming the set ideas and in successfully reinstalling the believability factor. Stakeholders got to know about the growth opportunities and genuine work progress at the development site – the status of under-construction projects, pipeline plans and tenders in progress. The global investors are now showing strong interest in Amaravati with more inquiries for investment opportunities in trade and industry. The greatest applaud we received was when the videos were shared by the offices of AP Chief Minister and Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority(APCRDA). The work in progress was also shared from the CM’s desk.