Building an identity for a spice range by delivering a consistent message to its target audience, mostly catering to the suburban women from different walks of life.


A spice brand from the stable of well-known supermarket chain Ratnadeep, offers a varied range of spices, made with the touch of purity and utmost care, just the way one would make them at home. The natural ingredients of these spices are carefully harvested, treated and processed.


The client wanted us to formulate a core idea that makes up the spice range, showing what it stands for and why it exists, in a way that would not only influence the consumers’ experience at every touchpoint but would also set the brand apart from its competitors.


To get a deeper understanding of the product range and what it stood for, before the naming process starts, we did an extensive research on brand names and performed a series of background checks with various trademark companies. We found out the kind of communication that should reach out to its target audience. We suggested a few names, that were unique and relatable to the product range. Thus, the brand ‘Ratnaswaad’ gradually started taking shape.

The name Ratnaswaad signified the ‘Jewel of Taste’ and the idea was that the brand should have a place in every household. And to substantiate this idea, we recommended a tagline – ‘Ghar ki baat’, connoting it’s a household affair. This process was crucial in building a great foundation on which the visual imageries would be laid upon.

The logo which is done up in red, is symbolic to the colour of spices. The diamond shape placed just above the letter ‘R,’ represents jewel which is ‘ratna’ that sits on the crown and echoes the brand’s assurance to deliver the greatest ‘swaad’ or ‘taste.’

Post the systematic packaging research, which provided us insights on consumer desires, we developed a few creative packaging ideas. We conceptualized and coordinated photoshoots for the brand, which aesthetically captured the true essence of the product range. Instead of showing the spice powder on the garam masala packaging, we have used the picture of whole spices. Likewise for sambar masala, we have shown the cooked sambar and for mutton and chicken masala, we opted for the images of cooked dishes. The idea was to communicate what the packets hold just by looking at them, even before reading what’s written.


Through a collaborative process, we successfully created an identity for the company that not only assisted in its unique positioning but also in building a dedicated clientele. The clients were enamoured by the fresh new design and the sales started picking up.