Telangana Diagnostics

To build a strong brand identity for Telangana Diagnostics – a State Government driven initiative, which is solely dedicated to the diagnostic services.


Telangana Diagnostics, run by Medical, Health & Family Welfare Dept., Telangana Government, kick-started its operations in the Hyderabad city with a mission to extend free of cost diagnostic services to the ailing and the needy. The central laboratory was inaugurated by IT Minister K.T. Rama Rao,
along with Health Minister Dr. C. Laxma Reddy, in the month of June, 2018.

A hub for diagnostic services, Telangana Diagnostics is primarily based on a hub-and-spoke model. Samples will be collected from the primary health centers (PHCs), community health centers (CHCs), and from other health units. These samples will then be transported to the central laboratory. The central lab is equipped to generate upto 100 reports in a hour, and the results are reported online.


Telangana Diagnostics required a visual identity that would reflect the best quality diagnostic services offered with accuracy and safety. The priority was to create a unique identity through a definitive logo with a particular colour scheme. A symbolic imagery that would reflect its distinctive approach.


Primarily, we conducted a thorough research to understand the communication that should reach out to the audience. The identity should send across the right message which would be relevant to the target segment. Based on our findings, we created a logo for Telangana Diagnostics that represented the maxim it stood for. Colour blue in the logo represents the power of positivity on human mind and body. This has a calming effect that exudes harmony. Blue also stands for professionalism and technology.

Colour green in the logo is associated with renewal, growth, stability, endurance, health and hope. Green also eases anxiety and depression. The test-tube in the logo is created in a way that it visually looks like the initials of Telangana Diagnostics, that is T and D. The test-tube also stands for laboratories, where the sample analysis will be carried out. And lastly, the circular logo pattern stands for a holistic healing approach.


The logo successfully enhanced the brand identity for Telangana Diagnostics, by laying a strong foundation. The brand effectively reached out to regions and segments, which can truly benefit through these free of cost diagnostic services.