Trending Typography & Brands

‘It’s not what you saybut how you say it.’ 

The big impression depends on how brilliantly we express and weave our story. Here’s why picking the right font becomes pivotal as these are massively expressive.


Brands & Font Types

Creative typography not only bears your message, but they also paint a visual impression that induce emotion. Fonts can be highly expressive too! It can make you giggle or jump up in joy. It clearly communicates how bold, loud, muted or introvert your brand persona is.

Keeping up with the trends, some brands like to associate themselves with specific fonts. Though there isn’t any specific rule-book that’s being adhered to, some font styles demonstrate precise emotive traits. Let’s take the example of fashion brands. They are more likely to select elegant typefaces with lucid curves and hairline strokes, that suggests their ongoing affair with timelessness. Likewise, some geometric font types flawlessly talk about transparency, simplicity and straightforwardness – values that many brands would prefer being associated with.


Prominence of Fonts

The crux lies in selecting a unique font type to make your brand stand out. For instance, the successful ‘Star War’ franchise or the famous ‘Harry Potter’ have instantaneously recognizable fonts. Similarly, iconic logos for Disney, Lego Group or Pokémon evokes fun and laughter and are easily relatable to children.


Trending Fonts

Variable fonts, an important typography trend that is likely to prevail in 2019 and also in the years to follow. These aren’t static like the regular ones and offer continuous variations and alterations.
Hand drawn options that can be simply coated with watercolour texture, are also likely to be the trendsetters.  Along with them, retro fonts like Gutenberg and Nexa Rust Slab Black Shadow, chromatic fonts created with FontSelf and geometric fonts too are likely to stay up on the ladder.

It is an unspoken rule that in order to stay relevant, every brand must keep on reinventing every now and then. This can be simply done through a novel approach to visual aesthetics. Brands now have an extensive palettelaid out in front of them and all they need to do is to select the right fonts that would express in a cohesive manner and resonate well with their devoted patrons.

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