Clutter-breaking launch strategy for a real estate property in chennai


While the first property of the group, a massive township, is a success in Hyderabad, PBEL City Chennai was entering the city of Chennai on OMR. To market itself, it had nothing much to rely upon, apart from its Hyderabad township’s success legacy. But then, was that enough?


PBEL City Chennai is a massive project occupying a 40-acre landscape located about 40 km from the city of Chennai. All this upcoming had around was a sprawling software hub, and the baggage of lack of any residential communities in the neighbourhood.


The good thing that PBEL City Chennai had to offer was that it had the amenities ready, even before the residents would move in. So we went about town with a campaign, positioning PBEL City Chennai as a property with amenities ‘Much Before You Move In’. The launch was centered around the campaign ‘Much Before You Move In’, with everything from leaflets to property barricades echoing the same. To say so, we got the strategic positioning bang on. This communication struck a chord in a market where amenities are delayed endlessly.


With Phase I of PBEL City Chennai being a grand success, the construction of Phase II of the township is in progress.